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‘Putting the Neighbor Back in the Hood’ is when community members feel mutually responsible for care and connection with one another. A good neighbor is concerned for your welfare and best interests. Our hood should provide the protection of love and safety as we seek to meet our basic, developmental, and spiritual needs together.


SELF-HELP ADDICTION RECOVERY MEETINGS: Many people struggle alone with addiction. Our meetings provide a safe environment to help individuals to stop suffering in silence and move towards recovery. Programs are based on 12-step recovery models and flow based on the nature of the group.


HUMAN DEVELOPMENT MEETINGS AND EVENTS: Our center hosts a variety of opportunities for personal growth, skill development, and community awareness. We welcome community leaders and experts to collaborate with us.

SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT: The 5th Ward Islamic Center holds weekly classes (ta’leem) and events about the religion of Al-Islam. They are open to the public.


DA’WAH (INVITATION): Al-Islam is the fastest growing religion. Our duty is to share the good word of The Creator’s love with humanity. Call us or come by if you’re interested in learning about Al-Islam.


MEALS: Our center provides meals on Sunday afternoons to the public. As we gain community support, our goal is to expand meal services and start a food pantry. Donations are very much appreciated.


PRISON OUTREACH: Members visit area prisons to teach and spend time with inmates. Our goal is to encourage self-development and to prepare individuals for reentry into society. Ask about volunteering.

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